Doing better is our way of doing it

Vibra is a privately held company that adopts the best corporate governance practices.

Since 2012, we have started a cycle of building Corporate Governance in order to preserve and optimize the organization’s value, contributing to its longevity. The constant evolution of our governance system has provided responsible and balanced growth, ensuring the consistency of our results.
foto aérea da sede do grupo vibra, em meio a natureza com montanhas, muitas árvores e paisagem verde

Our Mission

To produce food with excellence from the farm to the consumer, ensuring profit and meeting the expectations of shareholders, customers, consumers and employees.



Working and communicating with people in a respectful way, providing a professional environment, with individual business growth.

Economic, social and environmental sustainability

Focus on business results with a view to innovation and company perpetuation. Respect for society and the environment.


Commitment to processes when pursuing company goals.

Focus on the customer

Meeting expectations from the customer and consumer point of view.


Always ensuring the quality of processes, products and services.


Being recognized for the excellence in our actions from the farm to the consumer.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

The document applies to managers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and other interested parties. It promotes our ethical principles and values, reflecting our identity and our culture. It also seeks to ensure that everyone’s actions are in accordance with their role.
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