Environmental Sustainability

Doing better is giving 100%.

Pillars such as environmental, social and economic responsibility, in addition to guiding all of Vibra’s actions, are part of the company’s core values. These principles are part of the roots of the relationship that Vibra establishes with its employees, suppliers, customers and society in general.

Global compact

Our principles and

A concern with sustainability is present in all our initiatives, with practices that contribute to reducing environmental impact and increasing benefits for society.


100% of our industrial waste is treated; 100% of our energy sources are renewable; 100% of the steam that generates energy for our production comes from reforested wood.


Whether it will be used for consumption or in industrial processes, water must undergo treatment, complying with standards and ensuring good quality. Therefore, all the effluent generated is directed to treatment in accordance with current environmental legislation.

Reverse logistics

We are part of the Association for Reverse Packaging Logistics (Associação de Logística Reversa de Embalagens — ASLORE), supporting the ANCAT (Associação Nacional de Catadores e Catadoras de Materiais Recicláveis) Project as a way to offset the impact that waste from our packaging may have on society, the economy and the environment.
demonstrativo de etapas de logística: 1 - Industria, 2 - Distribuidor, 3 - Varejo, 4 - Consumidor, 5 - Coleta e Seleção, 6 - Reciclagem
Selo Comerc Sinerconsult de Energia Renovável com duas setas representando ciclos em linhas finas preto e branco


Vibra production units are certified for the proper use of renewable energy sources, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.
Selo Clima Paraná 2019 escrito em letras grossas com brasão do estado à esquerda preto e branco

Paraná Climate seal

Vibra was awarded for the sustainable initiatives followed in the Pato Branco plant, in Paraná. The State Government’s program encourages companies and organizations to keep count of greenhouse gas emissions, with a view to reducing and promoting a low-carbon economy.

Recognitions and

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