Socio-economic Sustainability

Sustainable social development

Social Sustainability

To guarantee this, we take close care of every detail and every process stage.
We are proud of what we do and how we do it. We carry out each process in our production line by trained people to ensure that only the best reaches the consumer's table. We encourage family poultry farming daily, valuing our producers and partners.
All these factors make Nat synonymous with delicious and healthy products for you and everyone else.
Programa Sem Limites

Programa Sem Limites

Launched in 2012, it aims to promote the inclusion and achievement of people with disabilities in the job market, valuing their capabilities, respecting their rights, and providing conditions suited to their needs. We seek employee engagement through campaigns to promote social responsibility, with approaches aimed at supporting differences, reducing inequalities, and enabling social, economic, and political inclusion for all.

Selo Top Ser Humano com letras finas em preto e branco

The program received the Top Ser Humano award (Top Human Being Award), granted by ABRH (Brazilian Human Resources Association), for our work on including and developing people with disabilities in the job market. We were also awarded the Sesi SDGs Seal, which accolades the best practices for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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