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Published on July 20, 2023

Welcome Project: Vibra receives new Venezuelan collaborators

In July, Vibra’s unit in Pato Branco received over forty new employees from Venezuela to join the team, marking a significant moment for the company. The sector now has 108 workers from the neighboring country this year alone, reinforcing the company’s commitment to diversity.

This initiative results from a successful partnership between Vibra, the Welcome Project, and the humanitarian organization Refúgio 343. Since 2021, this project has provided employment and support to Venezuelan refugees, allowing them to start their lives again on Brazilian soil.

The idea for the Acolhida Project was born in 2019, and since then, the first contacts with Venezuelans in search of a new life have been established. The first reception took place in September 2021, with the arrival of 32 new employees. Today, the Pato Branco team proudly counts on 250 talented Venezuelan professionals. The company’s dedication and commitment were acknowledged with the SESI Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) award, placing Vibra first in the social category with the Operation Welcoming Venezuelan Foreigners project in a significant industry in Paraná.

As well as offering job opportunities, Vibra prioritizes the welcome and well-being of these families looking to start their lives anew on Brazilian soil. For refugees, this journey represents much more than an option; it is a choice for a better future. That is why we are proud to be part of this new phase in our colleagues’ lives and thus reaffirm our ongoing commitment to promoting inclusion and mutual support.

With initiatives like the Welcome Project, Vibra reinforces its role as a transforming agent in society, valuing diversity and providing opportunities for everyone to have a fair and equal chance in the job market.

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