imagem demonstrativo certificado de energia renovável 2021 recebido por vibra News, Sustainability
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Vibra receives renewable energy certificate

imagem demonstrativo certificado de energia renovável 2021 recebido por vibra

Annually granted, the significant Commercial-Sinerconsult Renewable Energy Certificate recognizes companies for using energy sources incentivized by the government, such as wind, solar, photovoltaic, biomass, or even from Small Hydropower Plants (SHPs).

Created to encourage clean consumption among consumers and contribute to environmental awareness in society, while adhering to international standards, the certification records electricity consumption from renewable energy sources. In this way, it functions as a global system for tracking environmental attributes of energy, considered the most reliable means to acknowledge energy consumption from renewable sources.

“The certification is a way to share with customers and society what the decision to consume energy from renewable sources represents in terms of environmental responsibility,” says Marcos Elienai Rambor from the Engineering and Maintenance department. “More than simply reducing the cost of energy, the migration allows the choice of a source that also reduces environmental impacts. With the condition of contracting sources encouraged by special consumers, the pursuit of savings became a driver for something very important: the growth of clean alternative sources in the country, among other benefits.”

Among these benefits are:

  • Understanding the real impact of the company on emissions that contribute to global warming;
  • Contributing to sustainable development through actions for better operational performance;
  • Creating a business environment conducive to minimizing future regulatory risk resulting from climate change policies;

It is worth noting that recognition only occurs after calculations are made according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHC) methodology. The goal of this methodology is to encourage the corporate culture of greenhouse gas emissions inventory in Brazil for an agenda to address climate change in organizations, as well as to provide instruments and international quality standards for emission accounting and inventory publication. Thus, calculations made according to this methodology indicate a reduction in emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Vibra has held the Commercial-Sinerconsult Renewable Energy Certificate since 2012 when the migration to the free energy market began.

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