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Published on July 12, 2023

Training: good animal welfare practices

On June 19, 20, and 21, Vibra’s Origination and Transportation sectors held the annual Animal Welfare training from consultant Kali Simioni in partnership with the company’s Human Resources department. It aimed to train participants in good Animal Welfare practices.

Animal welfare is related to the quality of animal nutrition, environment, health, behavior, and mental state.

Kali emphasized the five animal freedoms through theoretical, practical, and dynamic content. The five freedoms are thirst, hunger, malnutrition, pain and disease, discomfort, expression of the species’ natural behavior, fear, and stress.

The employees who participated in the training can instruct their team members on animal welfare practices, the impacts we cause on animals, the tools to minimize these impacts, and the suitable techniques to maximize the positive effects. Vibra team members and third parties involved in the process will also be trained on the subject.

In addition to certifications, the issue of animal welfare is being discussed more frequently by clients, NGOs, companies, and consumers, who are increasingly concerned about how products reach their tables.

Animal welfare is everyone’s responsibility.

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