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Published on July 24, 2023

New Quality Policy – Vibra Quality

In July, the Vibra units began to publicize their new quality policy. Employees could participate in training sessions focused on the company’s continuous improvement, such as quality, compliance with current legislation, procedural compliance, and the importance of shared responsibility concerning food safety.

During this period, employees received essential guidance to develop their skills and consolidate the food safety culture throughout the production chain. The company reaffirmed its commitment to excellence in its processes, highlighting each member’s crucial role.

One of the most striking moments of the week at the units was the speech by the plant managers, coordinators, and production supervisors, in which they emphasized how each employee’s activity and effort contribute directly to the culture of quality and to ensuring food safety in all business aspects.

Vibra’s new quality policy reflects the relentless pursuit of excellence in its products and an awareness of the importance of food safety at every stage of the production process. The commitment of everyone involved, from managers to operators, is a fundamental pillar in achieving the highest quality standards and, above all, the satisfaction and trust of our clients.

With this approach focused on continuous improvement and alignment with standards and regulations, Vibra strengthens its position as a benchmark in the market, establishing itself as a company committed to the quality and safety of the food that reaches the tables of thousands of consumers across the country.

Check out our policy:

Quality Policy
To produce food with quality and responsibility, in a safe, ethical, legal, and authentic way, to commit to meeting specifications, legislations, and procedures throughout the chain, and seek continuous improvement in processes and products, developing a culture of food safety and quality that prioritizes our clients’ s atisfaction.

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