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Published on August 3, 2023

Nat Pronto Já! launch: Grilled thigh and drumstick fillets and roasted mid-wings

Nat’s news never stops! Two new products were recently added to the Nat Pronto Já! line: Grilled Thigh, Thigh Fillet, Baked Drumstick, and Half-Wing.

We know time is a valuable resource, so we are dedicated to bringing quick and delicious solutions to the consumer’s table. The new products come as a direct response to the consumer needs who have looked forward to the practicality of Nat Pronto Já! and wished for more choices of cuts to enjoy.

The kitchen should be a place of pleasure and comfort. That is why we developed the Grilled Thigh and Thigh Fillet, perfect for those who want a delicious meal in just a few minutes. Its juiciness and special seasoning make it the ideal choice for quick meals without sacrificing flavor.

And the other novelty, roosted thighs and flats, will win over snack lovers! The ideal option for surprising guests on any occasion. With a slightly spicy touch, this snack is irresistible when baked in the air fryer and is guaranteed to be a hit at gatherings and parties.

With the launch of these new products, the Nat Pronto Já! product line is even more complete, offering delicious and practical options to make consumers’ lives easier in the kitchen. Whether for a quick meal or to surprise your guests with tasty snacks, these products are the right choice.

Check out the unique features of each product below:

Grilled Thigh and Drumstick Fillet
– Boneless, skinless thigh, and drumstick
– Lightly seasoned
– No preservatives
– Not fried
– Loosely frozen

Baked drum and half-wing
– Snack ready in less time
– Lightly spiced
– No preservatives
– Not fried
– Loosely frozen

Experience the practicality and flavor of the new Grilled Thigh and Drumstick Fillet and Baked Drum and half-wing!

Nat Pronto Já! Make your life easier without sacrificing taste!

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