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Vizinho Vibra Program carries out the first Emergency Simulation at the Sete Lagoas unit

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Vibra, through the Vizinho Vibra program, promoted in November the first evacuation simulation for emergency situations in the municipality of Sete Lagoas/MG, where two of its units are located. The event took place in the Montreal neighborhood and was attended by employees, official bodies and residents who live close to the company.

The simulation is practical training that represents a real risk situation, with the aim of training and informing those involved on how to act if an emergency occurs. The community previously received guidance from Vibra through meetings, printed materials, live on YouTube and WhatsApp groups, to carry out the training.

The initiative, which included the participation of residents of the Montreal neighborhood, volunteers from the Vizinho Vibra program, Military Fire Department, Military Police, Municipal Civil Guard, Civil Defense and Municipal Health Department, is part of Vibra’s commitment to continuous improvement, safety and valuing people.

Vizinho Neighbor Program

The Vizinho Vibra program is an action developed based on the construction of the Risk Communication Plan (PCR), with the aim of making Vibra’s safety processes clear to the community. In addition to the Simulation, other actions such as activation of the emergency channel, voluntary network of neighbors, reinforcement of internal communication and partnership with local public bodies were carried out. At the moment, the program is only operating at the Sete Lagoas/MG Unit.

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