One of the largest aviculture companies in Brazil.

With national presence and exporting to more than 60 countries, we bring together tradition and innovation to produce the best chicken protein.

The quality of the products in our portfolio is the result of our culture of excellence, the rigorous monitoring of processes that goes from our farms to supermarkets. It is also the result of our experience in poultry farming and food production. Therefore, we are among the largest private poultry exporting companies in Brazil.



One of the only Brazilian companies in the segment that holds a complete production chain, Vibra is a specialist from the farm to the store. An organization that makes responsible use of resources and the environment, acting ethically, appreciating and respecting people and constantly contributing to economic development.

Vibra units are under permanent development and expansion, either through process improvements or through the continuous search for and use of the most advanced technologies available in this segment in the world. Vibra’s integrated production system is strategically distributed in three Brazilian states, comprising farms, hatcheries, laboratory, feed factories, slaughterhouses, in addition to having an international business unit in Dubai. Vibra also has the Vibra Innovation Center (VIC), installed at the company’s headquarters, located in Montenegro, state of Rio Grande do Sul, and a specialized logistics chain, with national and international experience to provide excellent services to all markets.
Innovation Center

The partnership with the North American company Tyson Foods, which began in 2020, is both a historic milestone and a new starting point. Vibra is now side by side with one of the largest animal protein producers in the world.

The exchange of knowledge between companies is a mutual benefit: sharing technologies, research data and insights into consumer trends creates opportunities to expand and develop new markets. Together, Vibra and Tyson Foods can expand their global reach, bringing innovative, quality products to even more consumers.
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A partnership the size of tomorrow
A partnership the size of tomorrow

Achievements and


We are repeatedly recognized for the excellence of our work and production.

Learn more about our Governance model and our Innovation Center, which allows us to reach new achievements every day.
Selo Globo Rural Melhores do Agronegócio com Trator, vaca e coqueiros de 2012 desenho em linhas finas preto e branco
2008 and 2012
Lean more
Globo Rural Magazine
Selo Prêmio Exportação RS destaque setorial com desenho de pessoa em pé de mãos erguidas segurando o globo terrestre em preto e branco
2011, 2012 and 2016
RS ADVB Export Award
Selo Valor 1000 Edição 2012 escrito com fonte executiva em blocos preto e branco
Value 1000 Award
Valor Econômico Magazine
Selo Amanhã 500 Maiores do Sul Revista Amanhã, com fonte em linhas grossas preto e branco
2013, 2014, 2015, 2018 and 2021
Greats and Leaders 500
Best of the South
Amanhã Magazine
Selo Campeãs da inovação 2015 Revista Amanhã com dois semicírculos em volta com linhas finas preto e branco
2014 and 2015
Innovation Champion
Amanhã Magazine
Selo Top Ser Humano com letras finas em preto e branco
ABRH Top Human Being
Selo Prêmio Proteção Brasil 2019 em um círculo dividido ao meio representando a terra fértil em preto e branco
Proteção Brasil Award
Selo Clima Paraná 2019 escrito em letras grossas com brasão do estado à esquerda preto e branco
Paraná Climate Seal
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