Innovating is part of our history.

In 2018, we expanded our capacity to innovate, by opening the Vibra Innovation Center (CIV) in Montenegro (RS).

We gained agility to develop and test new products and processes. We know that innovation is a collective process, and we value the diversity of ideas that arise from the perceptions and views of our thousands of employees and customers.
The Vibra Innovation Center (CIV) is like a laboratory: a space to develop technologies that make our products and brands even better, delivering excellence to consumers around the world. This means innovating for different tastes, food habits and cultural requirements, without neglecting quality and safety.

Our practices

Logo Market Experience com carrinho de supermercado verde à esquerda e letras grossas à direita com o nome em verde
Moment for exchanging experiences between the Marketing, Research & Development and Sales teams on the characteristics of the different markets in which they operate, fostering new ideas and projects.
Logo Alimente! com letras verdes e laranjas com estilização simbolizando conexão com a natureza
A product tasting meeting that brings together all sectors of the company with the Marketing and Research & Development sectors to discuss our products and the competition, new ventures, consumption profiles and ways to prepare the products.
Logo Innovation Day em contraste entre letras grossas e finas com verde claro e escuro
Learning moments for teams and directors about innovation along with our partners — suppliers of equipment, packaging, seasoning and other inputs.
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