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A division in line with the environment.

Vibra Ingredients offers high-quality solutions for various corporate markets, serving customers in the food, animal nutrition and energy industries.

Sustainability is one of our main concerns. And with that in mind, we created the Vibra Ingredients division. Through it, we develop products that take advantage of everything our chickens can offer or generate during the production process. Thus, we guarantee minimal waste and impact on the environment.

Know our lines

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Pet Line

Flour with high nutritional value intended for use in animal feed, produced by cooking chicken parts that are not usually intended for human consumption.
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Animal oils

Obtained by pressing animal flours, removing part of the fat and extracting a highly energetic ingredient. Its main characteristic is low acidity levels, making the product safer when used for animal feed or energy production.
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Food line

High-quality mechanically separated meat (MSM) for use in the food industry. Extracted from the production process through mechanical grinding. The quality standards of these products are attested through demanding physical-chemical analyses.
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