For Nat, it is natural to bring to the consumer’s table foods that bring together health and easiness.

And to ensure that, we take care of every detail, paying attention to every step of the process.

We are a company that prides itself on what it does and how it does it. On our production line, each process is carried out by qualified personnel. This is our way of ensuring that only the best reaches our consumers’ tables. And, in addition, we encourage family poultry farming on a daily basis, also valuing our producers and partners.

These are all factors make Nat synonymous with delicious and healthy products for you and everyone else.
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Nat Chicken is naturally healthy, naturally tasty and, of course, naturally well prepared. Naturally Nat.

From farm to table, it's natural for us to pay attention to the smallest details. In our production line, all cuts are inspected and selected by hand by trained and qualified people, all done with dedication to bring only the best to our consumers.

Nat Verde, Naturally Healthier

The creation of Nat Verde chickens is without antibiotics and growth promoters. Raised in exclusive farms, selected and carefully monitored by our technical team. Our chickens receive a 100% vegetable diet, with the nutrients necessary for healthy growth, following the principles of animal welfare. All this certified by the QIMA/WQS.

Products with Nat quality in the right measure for food service

With Nat's high standard and quality, Nat Pro products are developed for restaurants, cafeterias, industrial kitchens, wholesalers and commercial establishments.

Naturally easy! Ready to eat.

The Nat Pronto Já! It is produced with 100% chicken breast meat, cooked and lightly seasoned. Totally ready to use, just defrost, and use in hot or cold recipes. It's practicality and versatility at your meal time.
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Vibra is licensed to export its products to the most demanding markets in the world. And our certificates and licenses are proof of our quality and excellence in everything we do
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